LED Makeup Mirror | Review

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Recently, I purchased a new makeup mirror with built in LED lights and thought I’d do a little review on it. Inadequate lighting can be the absolute worse thing for your makeup. You may look like your skin is flawless and your contour is bomb in your bedroom, but you then catch a glimpse of yourself in natural light and WOAH, patchy contour?! Yep, this had happened to me so many times, so I decided to go and buy a mirror with lights in that mimic natural light. So, I bought this mirror off Amazon for £16.99, which is so reasonable. It also has a nice attachable mirror that you stick on which is super magnified for doing close up eye makeup.

First impressions

I was pleasantly surprised about the size of the mirror, for some reason I like a big mirror when I do my make up, and was worried about having to adapt to a smaller mirror, but it is quite a nice size. It is also totally adjustable, so you can move the mirror to wherever you need it to be. The lights are pretty bright too, I was a little worried that because the of the low price tag they wouldn’t be bright enough to make much of a difference. The magnified mirror is such a good idea and it truly is good, you have to get quite close to the mirror for it to focus, but it is really good how zoomed in you are for when you are doing more precise makeup on your eyes.

I think I need to use this mirror in lower lighting as I don’t think it has made a huge difference to my makeup, but I know at Stewart’s house where I sit to do my makeup isn’t near a window so it will definitely make a difference there and on winter mornings as well when it is always dark, so I am excited to use this in these instances.



I’m not going to give this a “out of 5” score because I need to use it in different lighting situations before I can truly make up my mind about it. I am happy with this purchase though as it was super cheap and even with the lights off is a great mirror. The magnified mirror is fabulous, it is such a good idea and I will continue to use this on the regular. The bulbs are bright (you can also dim them, which is great). If you struggle to get good lighting in your home, I would definitely recommend you give one a go. There are cheaper ones available, but I chose to go with the slightly higher priced one as it came with the magnified mirror and I wanted to make sure the lights would be brighter.

If you want to see the mirror I purchased, you can here


Let me know if you use a similar mirror and what you think of it in the comments!


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7 thoughts on “LED Makeup Mirror | Review

  1. I see these mirrors everywhere and they look like the sort of thing I would love. They look so fancy aswell!

    Thanks for sharing your in-depth review, I also followed you on Instagram

    Sophia xo //


    1. They’re well worth it if you haven’t got the best lighting, I tend to use this over my big mirror now because I can move it around so easily! No problems lovie, thank you, I believe I already followed you too 😊

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