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July Reflection

Hi Guys,

Can I just say, how the hell are we at the end of July already!? It literally feels like yesterday when I was writing out my July Goals post!

Okay, so, in todays post I’m going to reflect back on the goals that I wanted to achieve for this month and if I achieved this goal or not!

  • Save money

Yes, I did stick to this one (kind of). I have stopped spending money on shit I don’t need, but have now been buying stuff for the house! So, no, I don’t have more money burning a hole in my back pocket, but I have been spending my dosh on things that I need rather than things that I want!

  • Get organised

Again, this is something that I have done to an extent. I did unpack the bags of washing that I mentioned in my July Goals post, but they went into suitcases ready for the move! So I’m probably even more unorganised because we’re currently living out of boxes instead of bags, but I guess it’s a little more rewarding now.

  • New eyeshadow palette

Sad times, I have not bought my Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea palette! As much as I would love it, I just couldn’t justify paying for it when I needed to buy decorating supplies, etc. So no, this goal was a total blow out, but at least I had a good reason for it! It is my 21st birthday next month, so maybe if I do some eyelash fluttering I’ll be a lucky gal.

  • Start packing things for the move

Yes, I have! (yaaay) at the moment, you can’t move in my bedroom because it is full of boxes and I can’t stand it! But, I just keep thinking that it will be worth it in the end!

  • Read

Another goal that I haven’t achieved. I would love nothing more than to pick up a good book, but I just don’t have the time at the moment, and I don’t think I’ll have the time to until at least end of August. When I’m not working or packing, I’m trying to get as many blog posts sorted as possible so I don’t go MIA for a month while (yep, you guessed it) we get the house decorated and moved in. I think I’ll stick reading on my September goals, as I just don’t think I’m going to have the time any time soon!

  • Blog

I think I have achieved this… My plan is 2 posts per week, one on a Monday and one on a Thursday but with extra posts every now and then such as my Birchbox/Glossybox unboxing and if I have any post which I think are important and just can’t wait such as my “Why Don’t I Look As Good As The YouTubers?” post. So yeah, long story short, at the moment my blogging routine is definitely 2 posts a week and 1 extra as and when.

  • Meet other bloggers

Yeah, I have definitely been active on other peoples posts and them people are being just as active on mine, so I’m definitely getting to know other bloggers which is super nice. I’ve also started following my active bloggers on Instagram. If I haven’t followed you, let me know and I’ll hit you up!

  • Get some good quality reviews done

Yes, another one I think I have achieved. I’ve got a few scheduled to posts over the course of the next month and recently posted my Tarte Shape Tape | Review which I’m pretty happy with.

  • Get a logo made

This is in the works! I asked a work friend to make one for me as he does web design, and he kindly agreed. He’s on with it at the moment so there is a logo in the works (yay!)

  • Brush up on photography and editing skills

Okay, the photo front is definitely improving. I went to Primark and bought some props the other week and it has definitely made a big difference. I still need to get some practice and haven’t yet found a spot in the house which has got the best natural light, but when you scroll through my Instagram you can definitely see an improvement!

Have you achieved your July goals? Let me know in the comments!



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