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August Goals

Hi Guys,

Here we are, officially in August! (how is this possible?!)
This year is flying by and it is actually giving me the creeps!

Yes, you guessed it, here is my August Goals post!

This months goals post is a bit smaller than last months post due to the fact I actually have no time to get anything that isn’t house related done! So, I apologise in advance if it is crappy compared to July Goals.


  • Get moved into the new house

Bit of an obvious one, but I’ll be so pissed off if were not comfortably living in our house by the last day of August (actually, I want to be moved in by my birthday on the 15th, but absolutely the end of August)!

  • Have 70% of the bags/boxes unpacked.

I’d actually rather have 100% of the boxes unpacked, but that could be a little over ambitious as we do both work full time, we are away for a week in August and it’s just a super busy month, but I would like to be at least over half way unpacked…

  • Go to Newcastle/Manchester for the day (makeup purposes)

Believe it or not, in the sleepy county of Cumbria, we don’t have a big selection of high end makeup available. Yep, not even a MAC counter. So, I have asked to go for a day away to Newcastle or Manchester for the day to spend any money I may get for my birthday! I am hoping for some Kat Von D Lock It foundation, but I don’t even know if I’ll be able to get a hold of it (am I so uneducated of what brands are actually available outside of Cumbria!


  • Have 85+ followers

Yeah, I mean, if I don’t achieve this then it isn’t the worst thing in the world. Followers are nice, of course they are, but I won’t loose sleep if my blog isn’t very “successful”. What is more important to me is writing honest and quality content that my current followers enjoy. So yeah, I’d like to increase my following, but if it doesn’t happen then that’s cool too.

  • Review hair products

I’m actually shocked that I haven’t yet done a review on any hair products! I do have a repair conditioner by Osmo that I’d like to review, I’ve just never gotten round to doing anything with it. So yes, a hair product review will be coming out soon!

  • Wedding party look post

My cousin is getting married at the end of this month and I’m invited to the night do. (They’re getting married in Croatia and having their reception do when they come home) and I’m wanting to do a kind of full-look post, including hair, makeup and probably tan. This will probably be posted in September as their wedding it the last weekend of they month, so it will be a push to get it out before the end of August.


Do you have any ambitions or goals you want to achieve in August? Let me know in the comments!




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