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July Faves and Oh Hell No’s

Hi guys

Yes, it is that time again – my monthly Faves and Oh Hell No’s!

Truthfully, I haven’t bought much or tried much in July because I just haven’t had the time! (or dosh). But, I have managed to pick out a few Faves and one Oh Hell No, so without further do, let’s get on with it!


Photo 28-07-2017, 08 39 02.jpg

Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water

So, I got this is July’s Birchbox and have fell in love with it! I don’t have much of a skin routine (I know, I’m a disgrace!). I literally take my makeup off with a baby wipe, use a facial wash in the shower (when I remember to) and a face mask every now and then. I don’t have the best skin in the world, and I can’t blame anyone but myself. I just don’t have the motivation to stick to something like that! But, I have started using the Micellar Water morning and night, before I put my makeup on and after I take it off and all I can say is wow! The amount of dirt that comes off on my cotton pad is actually vile (and a little satisfying). It’s so easy as I can use it while I’m sat in front of the TV and I don’t need to wash off. So, yeah, this is a big fave of mine at the minute, I’ve nearly finished the dinky bottle that I got out of my Birchbox, so I think I’m going to try a new brand which is easier to pick up as opposed to ordering off Birchbox but I will re-purchase if I can’t find something as wonderful as this!

Photo 28-07-2017, 08 38 59.jpg

Anovia Fragranced Body Mist in Coconut Water

Fun fact about me – my favourite smells are coconuts and sun cream. I don’t know what is it, I just get butterflies when I smell these kind of smells and always have since I was a little girl. So, I was in Body Care the other day and came across this stuff and just couldn’t help but pick it up when it said “coconut water”. I’ve never came across a body mist/spray that smells of coconuts!! I didn’t even take notice over how much it cost, but it really wasn’t expensive, a couple of pounds at absolute most, but for some reason I want to say 99p… Anyway, I’ve been using this everyday since I bought it had have been getting a lot of compliments when I’ve had it on. I adore this and it was such a steal!

Photo 28-07-2017, 08 38 54.jpg

Papanga Spiral Hairband

This little gems are AMAZING. I received these in my July Glossybox and I have fallen in love with them! They don’t damage your hair, they don’t get stuck in your hair so you end up riving them out, and they don’t kink your hair like a normal hairband does! Winner!! My only complaint is you can’t do a half up-half down kind of hair style as it won’t overlap, so the bobble is about 2 inches tall! (if this makes sense!?)

Photo 28-07-2017, 08 39 05

Cutebalms Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry

Yes, another Glossybox find. I love this stuff. I use it nearly everyday! It applies really nice and smoothly, it hydrates your lips as it more of a lip balm than a lip stick, the shade is a really pretty pink colour and it smells absolutely wonderful! I honestly can’t fault it, it doesn’t leave my handbag!

Oh Hell No’s

Photo 28-07-2017, 08 39 13

Benefit Go-go Tint.

Yep, there it is. I never thought I’d put a Benefit cosmetic in my Oh Hell No’s as I love everything I’ve ever tried off them, except this. This also came in my July Birchbox and I was so excited to use it. Now, I’ll be honest, the first time I used this I hated it. It was patchy, it was drying, it got into all the cracks in my lips and when I tried to put a layer of Vaseline on top, it got worse! But, I did try it the other day, and it wasn’t anywhere near as bad. But, you have to take your time to put it on so it goes on evenly and let it dry for a good amount of time before you can put a balm on top. It doesn’t last very long either, you’d definitely need to re-apply pretty often. I will use this again, as when I used it the second time, it did look pretty. But, at the end of the day, it retails for £25.50 and it just isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t even pay a fiver for it, never mind £25.


And so there you have it! My July Faves and Oh Hell No’s!


Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!




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6 thoughts on “July Faves and Oh Hell No’s

  1. I have similar spiral hairbands (another brand though) and they are my favorites too as they do not damage my hair as much as elastic ones. I also have them in smaller sizes too for braids and half-down/up looks, maybe you can find some as well if you are liking those kinds of hairbands?

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