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Holler and Glow Unicorns Exist Illuminating Sheet Face Mask | Review

Hi guys,

Wow, what a mouth full that title is! But yes, today I’m going to tell you about the Holler and Glow Unicorns Exist Illuminating Sheet face mask from Primark!

So, I didn’t go with the intention of buying this particular face mask, I had seen a blog post for some P.S. face masks which were less than a pound, but I couldn’t find these in my local Primark, and, believe me, I looked! Never mind, I did come across these sheet face masks and couldn’t help myself. They have so many designs, I was stuck between the unicorns and doughnuts, but obviously went for the unicorns in the end. Now, I am going to put this out there, I think £3 for a one-time use face mask from PRIMARK is pretty pricey, I can go to Lush and buy a tub of the fresh face masks for a couple more pounds, so I expected good things from this face mask.

Just to let you know, I had just came out of the bath when I tried this mask, so my face was super red and hot and has probably affected my immediate opinion!

Photo 22-07-2017, 08 28 22

First impressions

The mask was really nice and saturated with the product which I liked, the more product the better. The mask was a nice size, it was a generous size so it was a bit big for my face, but I do have a pretty small head so I didn’t mind it being a little big. Now, one thing I am going to say, I did NOT look as cute as the photo implied! I actually have photo of it on my face, but I don’t have the balls to put it on my blog because it looks so terrible. All I am going to say is it’s one of these moments.

How was it?

As I said, my face was really red so I didn’t see an immediate “wow, my skin looks great” moment. But, when it was on my face it was really, really refreshing. It was quite cool which just made it all the more relaxing. I’ve had warming face masks before but I prefer the cooler kinds. I don’t think I could of pottered around with it on my face, it would of slipped off, but it gave me the excuse to lie on my bed and watch YouTube on the iPad, so I wasn’t complaining. You’re meant to leave this on for 15 minutes, I probably had mine on for 20 minutes. When I took it off, I couldn’t see a huge “illuminating” difference in my skin, but as I said, it was red and puffy from the ridiculously hot bath I had beforehand, so, I did feel a little disappointed. But, when I woke up the next day and started to do my makeup, I realised that my skin look so lovely and fresh. I don’t know if it looked “illuminated” as such, but it did look fresh and very clean. I do have a feeling if I picked another face mask that claimed to do another thing (e.g. such as the smoothing face mask) they would have the same results. But, I was impressed with the results, and I’d say the effects lasted at least 2\3 days before my skin started to look “normal”. My favourite thing about this mask is you don’t have to wash it off once you’ve finished with it. I hate the farce of washing a face mask off, but with this one I just rubbed the residue into my skin.


Yes, I really liked this mask. I did think it was slightly more pricey than what I would usually pay for 1 face mask and it didn’t look anywhere near as cute as the packaging implied, but it was worth the money. I don’t think that it did anything different that it’s sister masks could do, but I suppose I really need to try some of the other masks to make this kind of judgement. I’m going to give this mask a 4/5 and will definitely repurchase.


Have you used any of the Holler and Glow face masks? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!




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4 thoughts on “Holler and Glow Unicorns Exist Illuminating Sheet Face Mask | Review

  1. £3 in primark is so expensive but I’m glad you were happy with the product! Maybe next time I’m at my local mall I’ll give this one a try.
    Please check out my blog! |

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